Ronda Wedding Planner

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Wedding Planner at The Lodge Ronda

The Lodge Ronda - Weddings Abroad -

The team at our Hotel is waiting to tend to your every need in a personal yet unobtrusive manner. Their biggest wish is to make sure your stay with us is the best you have ever had. Anywhere.

Javier, Ana & Gina take care of all your wishes from reception in a kind, open, helpful and efficient way. Between them they speak Spanish, English, Dutch, French, Hungarian, German and really any other language by hands-and-feet….

Pom and Christina Piek are the owners of the Hotel La Fuente de la Higuera & The Lodge Ronda.

They are the proud parents of Gina & Pablo. Both children have joined the Hotel making a true family business from it. Pablo is pure passion and works as a great and creative chef for years in the Hotel. Gina keeps on spreading her sparkles and cheerfulness from reception.

Their extended family is the team. Some are part of the family for the last 15 years, others have joined in and will hopefully be around and keep growing (up) together.

Christina is the heart and soul of the places taking care of the visuals, the continuous enhancement of quality, new luxurious plans and directs the departments.

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