The Pros & Cons of Getting Married Abroad

Before you book your overseas wedding, make sure you know all the pros and cons.

The Pros & Cons of Getting Married Abroad

Getting married in another country is becoming a more and more attractive option. Whether it’s the lure of good weather or the luxurious locations, there is no denying that it is an established trend. But, before you book your overseas wedding, make sure you know all the pros and cons.

The Pros & cons for getting married abroad



It’s always good to be prepared, so let deal with the cons first.

Firstly arranging an overseas wedding can be more difficult. That is because you will need to speak to vendors and the officials in another language. If you aren’t fluent, ask a friend that is to help and be your representative. Or, chose a venue that organizes everything like flowers, cake and decorations. Then you don’t have to deal with lots of different people directly.

Secondly, a downside of having a wedding abroad can be that not all your guest will be able to attend. Depending on the location and time of year, not everyone will be able to afford the trip or be able to get the time off. This can be difficult, especially if it is people that are essential to your weddings like close family and friends. A way round this is to have a smaller wedding abroad, and then have a big party for everyone when you return home. This can work well as everyone then feels included in your celebrations.

Another problem with getting married abroad is that it can make it difficult to have a traditional wedding list. Lots of couples go for an online list. This is where their friends and family can contribute to activities for them to do while they are away. It works better for an overseas wedding than getting traditional home items to delivered to their house.



Now we have got any possible problems out of the way, let’s move on to the positives of getting married abroad.

One of the best things about having a wedding abroad is that you can choose to from some amazing and beautiful locations. Cliff tops in the Caribbean, Italian vineyards or sandy beaches all make memorable backdrops to the most special day of your life.

The Pros & cons for getting married abroad


Its also possible to have a much more relaxed celebration than is expected at home. This is is the case especially if you have a beach wedding, as everyone can wear more chilled out outfits, even the bride!

An additional boon to getting married abroad is that it is possible to save quite a bit of money. This might be because of the venue you pick, or because you are having a smaller wedding with fewer people to cater for.  This means that the is more of the budget available to get the details like these luxury lace wedding invitations, or this veil. Stuff that that will make your day even more special.


The Pros & cons for getting married abroad

Lastly, another great thing about having an overseas wedding is that you can choose to elope if you’d like. This means that the wedding stays very much about the joining if two people in life.


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