Practical Makeup Tips for Your Beach Wedding

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Practical Makeup Tips for Your Beach Wedding -

Table of Contents

You’ve found the perfect dress, chose a fantastic spot on the beach to say ‘’I do’’ and worked out the details of your ceremony and reception. Still, aren’t you forgetting something? Something you might be taking for granted?

Your makeup….


Practical Makeup Tips for Your Beach Wedding -


Choosing the right makeup for your beach wedding is a sensitive thing. You might want to go through your makeup stash and see if you have everything you need. Chances are you would have to go shopping for makeup that will not only help you look stunning but also require minimal maintenance on the actual day.

Check out our practical tips for how to choose and apply makeup that will give you the look you crave but also be comfortable to wear at your beach wedding!


Before you begin…

Don’t forget to moisturize properly! Make your skin breathe to prepare it for absorbing the makeup more efficiently. Proper skin care is a must in the weeks before your big day. Be good to your skin, feed it vitamins and you will have nothing to worry about. On your wedding day, pamper your skin with a natural moisture mask or a serum-soaked cloth mask, and you’ll be ready to go!


The rule of thumb

Even if you are used to wearing a lot of makeup, you should forget about it for your beach wedding. I know your w-day is the time to look your best but trust me – you will do more harm than good if you don’t go easy on the makeup.


Think about your wedding photos! Do you really want to have the stiff, pancake-like face? Absolutely not! For beach weddings, it’s all about achieving a fresh and natural look. Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to lightweight makeup. With whisper-like textures of quality makeup, you can get all the coverage and glow you want, and still let your skin breathe.

That in mind, let’s dive in!


Practical Makeup Tips for Your Beach Wedding -


Choose a lightweight foundation

The combination of a beach wedding and tropical weather means only three things for your choice of makeup: light, light and light! The same goes for the foundation. The last thing you want is to cake on your makeup with a heavyweight concealer and a thick foundation. What you need is a combination of a lightweight primer and a light-to-medium-coverage foundation

Still, you want the foundation to be solid. A simple trick for achieving that is to rub the foundation in your fingers before applying it to your face.


Go easy on the powder

While it’s not necessary to wear powder on the beach, this is not just any beach outing we are talking about! Still, since you’ve already applied the foundation, you can use the powder only for a touch-up. Simply apply powder on the tip of your nose and the t-zone to remove sweat and oil that has built up during the day.

Trust me; the excess powder will spell disaster to your dress, not to mention give you a cakey makeup look. For quick touch-ups, you can also use oil-blotting sheets instead of the powder.


Find an alternative for the bronzer

Let’s face it – bronzing powder is simply fantastic: it gives a subtle glow to your skin without feeling heavy. On the beach, though, it tends to get cakey, which is the complete opposite of the fresh look you want to achieve.

So what do you do? How do you achieve the long-lasting glow without feeling like you have a layer of bronzer glued to your face?

Easy – all you need is a drop of water-resistant foundation in about four shades darker than what you usually use, and you can be sure it won’t wash off.


Forget about heavy contouring

We’ve already established that wedding beach makeup is all about achieving a fresh and natural look. So, heavy contouring is out of the picture. If you typically use the blusher for contouring, go for a subtle tan color blusher which you can apply to the apples of your cheeks, and then work your way toward the hairline.


Use the eyebrow pencil

To get the perfectly shaped eyebrows for your fantastic beach reception, you shouldn’t even think about using the powder. Use an eyebrow pencil instead. The hue should be just a bit lighter than your actual eyebrows. Also, you could apply a thin layer of gel to the brows and the skin behind them to prevent the pencil from smudging.


Get the picture-perfect lips

With a variety of waterproof lipsticks, you hardly need to worry that your lipstick will wash off. However, if you crave just a touch of color on your lips, you can always go for a colored matte lip balm. Use a lip liner to get the perfect contours for a sophisticated look.


The Look of Everlasting Love

Do you know what it looks like to smile with your eyes? The so-called ‘’smiling eyes’’ are by far the most graceful feature on a beautiful bride. For your wedding photographer to be able to capture you smiling from within, you have to make sure your big day eye makeup is light and natural.

When it comes to eyeshadow, you should go for a creamy texture. The rule of thumb is to choose a neutral shade that will highlight your natural skin tone. However, if you are more adventurous, you can go for bolder colors. Just make sure your eyeshadow is waterproof!

As far as eyeliners go, applying them successfully takes two things: precision and patience. In this case – it takes extra patience. What you need to do is push deep into the lash line as you apply the eye pencil to make sure it doesn’t wear off.

Finally, there is hardly a more sophisticated way to achieve a seductive, doe-eyed look than with mascara. That’s why you have one choice and one choice only – a waterproof mascara.


I hope these tips helped you choose the makeup to complement your fabulous bridal outfit and also feel comfortable knowing that you’ve got it all covered. Don’t let anything prevent you from enjoying your wedding day to the full!


Practical Makeup Tips for Your Beach Wedding -

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