The Post-Wedding Bridal Wishlist

Post Wedding Bridal Wishlist - What you wish you'd done -


Your wedding day has such as huge build up to it, but can seem like it’s gone in an instant. Before you know it, you’ll be sat looking at pictures of the big day wondering what all the fuss was about. However much you may have loved the day, you will realise that there are some things that you wished you had done differently. You can’t know what they are until they’ve happened, but here is the top list of the most common things that brides wished they had done on their wedding day.


Spent More Time

This is the one of the few times for many people where all of their close friends and family are together in one place. Spend some more time with those you don’t see as often; an older relative would love the chance to sit and chat with you. Make time not for the ones that you see every week, but the ones you see every few years.


Got In Photos

A good photographer will capture your special day in a variety of different ways, from the beginning, when you are getting dressed into your outfit, to the end of the night when all the guests are leaving (depending on how long you’ve hired them for). It’s not that most of the photos won’t be involving you – they most probably will – it’s the fact that you probably won’t be in the photos that are capturing the centre of the party. You’ll be meeting and greeting, posing for photos with your new beau and spending the night chatting to people. There’s no harm in photobombing a few pictures of your friends having a great time.


Had A Dance

Past the first dance, you are allowed to get back on the dancefloor! Instead of thinking about your dress and whether it’s going to get trodden on, invest in an evening dress or suit that you are able to have a boogie in. Make sure that you’ve got some good tunes that will get everybody up and dancing; liaise with your DJ for a more personal touch and to include songs that have a special meaning to you and your friends.


Ate More and Drank More

Just because you’re in a fancy dress doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on what you’re eating! This is a day where you are most likely to be extremely flustered and have a lot whirring in your mind, so make sure that you fully indulge in whatever food is put in front of you to avoid fainting. If you are concerned about spilling food or drink down your dress, go for lighter coloured liquids like white wine or water, and try and eat foods that don’t have a juice to them – hard when you think about it, but totally manageable if you’re having a salad. Keep your hydration levels up and make sure that you’re drinking plenty throughout the day … the perfectly planned toilet breaks will all be worth it.


Post Wedding Bridal Wishlist - What you wish you'd done -


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