Planning Your Perfect Wedding

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Planning your Perfect Wedding -

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Planning Your Perfect Wedding -


Planning your wedding can be one of the most important (and stressful) things for some people. There are so many things to do before that one that special day. Every detail has to be perfect from what colour the bridesmaid’s dresses are to what flavour the cake is!

So what can you do to make that day just as perfect as can be?

… Plan!

Planning Your Perfect Wedding -
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First, you should decide on a budget. This way you will know exactly what you can and can’t afford. This avoids disappointment in the long run.

Split up the money on the most important things first, (dress, location, food). Then you can have a clear view of what you can add to the wish list or what you need to rethink.


What time of the year do you want your wedding? Do you imagine a winter wonderland surrounded by snow? Or do you prefer the hot, beachy scene? Everyone is different so talk to your partner and see how they envision this day with you.


Choosing a location may be one of the hardest decisions you will have to make.

You may prefer somewhere not too far from home. Or somewhere lost in the wild. Or maybe even an underwater wedding! (Yes, that IS possible!)  

Wherever you decide to have your wedding make sure you think about the guests you want to invite. Will they all be able to get there?


Planning your perfect wedding -



Now for all you women out there, this is no light matter. Strapless, mermaid, ball gown or classic?! Whatever the dress you decide on, make sure it’s your decision, not someone else’s.

Not every woman has “it’s the one” moment. So don’t feel discouraged if that doesn’t happen to you. Take a couple girlfriends or relatives with you to help out. Most importantly – make sure you feel beautiful!


You will want to have your special moments captured so you can look back at them in ten years time and remember what a magical day you both had. So when searching through wedding photographers, ask to see their portfolios so you can view their previous work. Every photographer has their own style so make sure it matches yours.

Flowers, Decorations and Cake

Flowers look pretty, smell nice and make great decorations. Think of what kind of colours you want; maybe they’ll be the same colour as the bridesmaid’s dresses?

What will go on the tables? Some people like to add that special touch with ribbons or even glitter. Watching wedding programs on TV gives you ideas if you lack them.

Cake! Yummy chocolate or red velvet? This is entirely down to taste and what your preferences are. Go to some cake tastings and find out what you both like. Most good bakers can turn it into whatever you want visually, so decide if you want a classic three tier cake or even change it up and turn it into a piece of art!


Planning your perfect wedding -


No wedding is too big or small; the sky’s the limit! So get planning!


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