Waiting For Your Perfect Proposal

You might have some seriously big ideas for your wedding. You might even have a dream wedding in mind. This could be a wedding abroad – we feature some great ideas on a regular basis for everything from the ceremony to a hen-do. However, if one thing is true – you can’t rush into a wedding. There are plenty of reasons why you cannot rush into a wedding, and the biggest reason is that there needs to be plenty of groundwork that is laid before a wedding takes place, you need to find a venue. You need to invite your guests; you need to plan and find your budget. The big one? You need to ask someone to marry you. You need to propose to someone, and that’s the only way a wedding can happen. Without a proposal, a wedding cannot happen.


Perfect Proposal - Marriage Proposal Tips and Advice - WeddingsAbroad.com


The proposal, or popping the question? It takes a lot of work, and in a sense, it is as special as the wedding itself. The wedding cannot happen without a proposal. Proposals usually work out, but you can’t take anything for granted, and when you get down on one knee, you need to have laid the groundwork, and you need to have gotten it right. All your wedding dreams can come true with the perfect proposal.


Perfect Proposal - Marriage Proposal Tips and Advice - WeddingsAbroad.com


Imagine proposing without a ring? How embarrassing. The trouble is, some people still do it, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s overconfidence – who knows? Now, a marriage proposal and such a big declaration of love is far more important than a bit of jewelry, however, it is the engagement ring that is a statement of intent – no matter how you choose to propose to your beau – if you don’t have a ring, it might signify to your hopeful marriage partner that you aren’t serious. Don’t make that mistake. If you propose without a ring, it might mean you aren’t serious, and it could be fatal.  Proposing is something performed by all genders and sexes, but it’s traditional men who do it – don’t be scared to break from tradition though. Remember there’s a huge difference between glam engagement rings and solid wedding rings. Historically the engagement ring has been a huge expense, as an expression of love while a wedding ring is more relaxed. You might go for a stunning ring for your proposal while opting for some men’s wooden wedding bands to seal the deal when it comes to your vows. This is usually what happens! You might have some special family heirloom rings to offer, so don’t worry about necessarily buying something incredible for the proposal – because you might decide to replace it with an upgrade later on. Just make sure you have something!


Perfect Proposal - Marriage Proposal Tips and Advice - WeddingsAbroad.com


Proposing is also an act that needs to be timed just right. Proposing too late might be a bit deflating, but proposing too early could be a relationship ruining disaster. You might be pretty eager to put a ring on it, but be careful. Don’t propose during the early stage of the relationship as we are talking about a lifetime commitment. Wait until you’ve enjoyed life a little bit, and wait until your partner is ready to commit before popping the question. Proposing too early could ruin a good thing and sometimes, these things are more important that getting hitched. Enjoy the little things before you propose.


Perfect Proposal - Marriage Proposal Tips and Advice - WeddingsAbroad.com


A lot of people seem to think that proposing in front of a crowd is a good idea. It’s not, nowhere near. Do not, under any circumstances do this. There is no person in the world that would prefer this over anything else. If you want to ruin your relationship, or your proposal – do it at a sports stadium in front of thousands. You might think it is a statement of love – but it could be an embarrassing and humiliating experience for you and the person you are proposing to. The worst case scenario is that you hear the answer you want, but the person you proposed to answered the way you wanted, but under stress and pressure. This is awful and could lead to a breakdown in the future. If you love someone, don’t stress them out like this. You might think it is cute, but it’s not. Keep your engagement private to make it special. Why? Well, a relationship and a proposal is something to savor and the moment needs to be enjoyed – that can’t happen in crowded situations. Then you need to let that moment steep – not have people get in your face, even to congratulate you.


Don’t be afraid to propose in public though – especially in meaningful or exciting locations – just make sure it’s just you two around. If you want to make it something to remember, head abroad – the Eiffel Tower has been done, but there are stunning vistas all around the world. The Grand Canyon, Montego Bay, The Lake District in England – there’s a lot of places to head that look beautiful to suit the occasion.


Perfect Proposal - Marriage Proposal Tips and Advice - WeddingsAbroad.com


It’s all about waiting for the right moment, don’t rush into things and make it special. Don’t get your ring too early, don’t plan too early – just cool off and wait. Don’t be nervy, just be calm, and wait. This is a story to be told throughout the rest of the life, so don’t do it until the moment is perfect. You’ll know when, and it certainly won’t be when you’re a nervous sweating wreck. Keep that ring in your pocket and wait, and wait, and wait. Even if something happens to delay you, it’s just a bonus – it’s given you breathing time. The perfect time will arise when you know it – it might be a sunset on the beach; it might be during a really stupid moment in the rain – whatever it is, when the moment arises, you’ll know. It won’t be too late; it won’t be too soon, it will be just right. It will be perfect, which is exactly what a proposal needs to be. It cannot be anything less.


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