Our Top Ten Things to Do in Cuba

Cuba located in the northern Caribbean where the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean meet, is an astonishing country with miles of golden beaches, abundant, colourful scenery and an incredible cultural heritage. This stunningly beautiful and diverse country has been alluring visitors since Christopher Columbus landed here in 1492..

What’s not to love about Cuba?  To help you make the most of your precious time we’ve put together Our Top Ten Things to Do in Cuba for your trip..


Our Top Ten Things to Do in Cuba - WeddingsAbroad.com


Underwater paradise

Escape the crowds with a visit to some of the country’s remote beaches, like Cayos de Villa Clara and María La Gorda. María La Gorda’s coast which features sunken shipwrecks, is the place expert scuba divers and those who wish to make diving the main focus of their Cuban holiday head to.

Or if marine life is your passion you will love diving in Cayo Coco & Cayo Guillermo: it’s variety of sea life is unparalleled and diving in this region can open your eyes to a whole new world beneath the water’s surface…


A back seat ride in a classic car

No trip to Cuba is complete without taking at least one ride in a classic American car. There are over sixty thousand vintage motors across Cuba, many of them still roadworthy. Spare parts are akin to finding a four leaf clover following the US trade embargo of 1962, so pretty much all of these cars have been kept on the road by that Cuban ingenuity you’ll encounter everywhere. The engine misfiring and the exhaust coughing are all part of the authenticity.


Our Top Ten Things to Do in Cuba - WeddingsAbroad.com


Explore Old Havana

If you’re idea of romance is crumbling grandeur, look no farther than the streets of Old Havana. A trip to Havana isn’t complete without a stroll through Old Havana, which is a beautiful historic district where you’ll see colonial architecture and dramatic art deco buildings.  Everywhere you turn there is something interesting and beautiful to see. Embrace the vibrant lifestyle and culture, partake in a mojito or an aged rum and relax.


Our Top Ten Things to Do in Cuba - WeddingsAbroad.com


Sunset Stroll

The Malecón boardwalk is to Havana what the strip is to Vegas, the place to be from sunset to sunrise. The promenade built from 1901 up until 1923, it stretches from the Havana Harbor in Old Havana, along the Centro Havana and ends up in the Vedado district. Stroll the Malecón esplanade at sunset to experience true Cuban romance — you’ll see many Cuban couples doing the same. 


Our Top Ten Things to Do in Cuba - WeddingsAbroad.com


Seek out some salsa

To many Cubans, salsa moves seem to come as natural as walking. Take a dance lesson together so you can truly appreciate Havana nightlife – afterwards hit the dance floor in one of Cuba’s electrifying nightclubs. Or hang out during salsa night at the one of the many clubs and dance halls and fall into step with a local.  Enjoying the different musical styles that inspired lively Cuban footwork.


Our Top Ten Things to Do in Cuba - WeddingsAbroad.com


A ceremony worth seeing

El Morro — a 16th-century fortress that was also used as a prison for many years — now serves as an excellent vantage point sitting prominently on the hill and can be seen from almost all of old Havana, here you can catch the beautiful Atlantic sunsets. Every night at 9 p.m., a ceremonial cannon is fired from the fortress walls.


Our Top Ten Things to Do in Cuba - WeddingsAbroad.com


Hit the beach

Unwind on sundrenched beaches to experience the most stunning stretches of Cuban scenery. As the island is made up of sublime coastlines stretching to almost 6,000 kilometres, and dividing up into 289 natural beaches you can have your pick of beach spot, from bustling locales near Havana to hidden gems on the island’s less-frequented stretches. Or head to Varadero,  Cuba’s most illustrious resort town, boasting over 20 km of uninterrupted white sands, undoubtedly one of the Caribbean’s best.  


Head to Hemingway’s Home

Ten miles east of Havana you’ll find Ernest Hemingway’s Cuba house – Finca Vigia, meaning “lookout house”. Hemingway lived in the house — which is now a museum — from 1939 to 1960, and wrote two of his most celebrated novels there: For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea.  Hemingway’s two favorite watering holes in Havana, La Floridita and La Bodeguita del Medio, still stand today, both more bustling than ever thanks to the famous writer.


Our Top Ten Things to Do in Cuba - WeddingsAbroad.com

“My mojito in the Bodeguita del Medio and my daiquiri in the Floridita”   Ernest Hemingway


Cuban Chocolate Store

For a taste of the Cuban chocolate – which many claim – to be “the best chocolate in the world” you should go to Museo del Chocolate in Old Havana. It’s not a museum as such, more of a chocolate store. You can sit down and order some bonbons or, and you should definitely try a cup of cold chocolate…a local delicacy. 


Cigar Factory

The pungent aroma of a cigar factory visit will be etched on your memory forever, a visit to which is de rigueur when in Havana. It’s truly a unique experience and a chance to view an integral part of Cuba’s history and present up close and personal, giving Havana’s visitors the chance to see locals hard at work. Jobs on the production lines pay a hefty salary increase over many labour jobs throughout the city, and workers are provided their choice of three fine cigars each day. It’s rather unique to see the workers smoking even whilst they work, and the tradition of hiring someone to read to the workers while they do their jobs is always of interest to Cuba’s travellers. Take in an organised tour and you can stop off and buy cigars from the factories well-stocked shop.


Hopefully, these tips will help you in choosing your Cuban adventures and activities – start planning your future Cuba Holidays with excellent and affordable options.


Our Top Ten Things to Do in Cuba - WeddingsAbroad.com



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