Monogram Madness!

Monogram to the Max!

Monogram madness

If you’ve been to a wedding recently, chances are, you’ve seen a monogram wedding logo, theme, or decoration somewhere along the way. There’s a good reason for that. Monograms and wedding logos are an inexpensive way to add elegance and class to your event.

With a wedding monogram, you can give your wedding the seamless and stunning look featured in all the glossy wedding magazines and by visually tying together all the pieces of your wedding — engagement announcements, save-the-date cards, website, blog, invitations, aisle-runners, programs, favours, thank you stationery and so much more.

You can actually have a professional design your monogram, or you can get inspiration from the web and make your own with a graphic design program or a word processor. You might have an artistic friend who will create you monogram for you.

Monogram madness

One of the most standard things to keep in mind is that, in a monogram, the bride’s initial comes first, followed by the new shared last initial and the groom’s initial following behind. However, other options include the four-initial monogram for brides who want to keep their last name or something as simple as a two-initial monogram featuring the bride and groom’s first initials. The two initial monogram offers you the most flexibility and leaves room for creativity, but a more traditional three-initial monogram is often the most widely used.

Monogram madness
Before you go all monogram-happy and put it on everything, you should keep in mind that your monogram has a time and place. Your reception is the best place for the monogram to debut. Avoid using the monogram on invitations, as using a joined monogram before you’re married is often frowned upon. Whether you choose to keep your monogram to the minimum or max it out is entirely up to you!

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