A Guide To Hiring A Mobile DJ For Your Wedding

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Mobile DJ For Your Wedding

Table of Contents

Mobile DJ For Your Wedding


Do you know what kind of equipment to look for when hiring a mobile DJ?

A mobile DJ company needs to be equipped with the latest equipment because the entertainment industry is changing at a phenomenal rate and there are new inventions every day. The latest tech does not ensure a fun performance, but it can surely enhance the talent of the mobile DJ.

Equipment and Importance

The following is a list of equipment and gear that a mobile DJ must have to give a memorable performance:

  • DJ software

A good software/ app will monitor all the mixing moves of the DJ, modify music waveforms, apply effects & filters and perform other amazing tricks. Latest tech is necessary because as the technology improves, the number of tricks and quality of output increases with it too. Software also allow the DJ to create virtual decks of songs on which he would be mixing. To understand the software interface, is a challenge for the DJ, but if he gets it right once, he can easily utilise the tricks and give an amazing performance.

  • DJ controller/ turntables/ computer/ mobile device to play audio with

DJs have gone completely digital and the days of manual turntables are long gone because of the simple fact that digital software and hardware provide options which the manual turntables cannot even dream of. The interface of the controller has changed to make it much more convenient for the DJ to understand and perform. Such controllers allow them to manipulate the software to create mixes and effects which their audience goes crazy for and smoothly offer a flawless performance.  A controller consists of knobs, keys, faders, pads and what not!

You must be thinking that all types of headphones might be same, but it is not so! A DJ headphone is extremely different from regular headphones in the following arenas:

  1. Sound quality- much superior sound quality and ability to reproduce low & high song frequency
  2. Ear placement- it has a much more complex mechanism to allow the DJ to rotate the ear pieces to his convenience and walk around the stage while performing
  3. Comfort- they are made more comfortable because of the fact that they need to be worn for long hours and the DJ has to listen to high volumes of sound continuously.
  4. Noise cancellation- these headphones cancel outside sound completely because it is obvious that that DJ will be playing the music on a very high volume


  • Powered speaker system

DJ speaker systems are much more powered because it needs to cater to a larger audience. The quality of sound needs to stay intact, for both high and low song frequencies to reproduce a soothing and comfortable sound.

  • Understanding of the sound architecture

Even though, it is not an equipment, but it is equally important to the event. A good mobile DJ company needs to have professionals who understand the sound architecture which simply means keeping all the equipment at the perfect distance and angle from the console to produce a sound effect like no other. If a speaker is placed at a wrong angle or a little far away from the audience, it might produce distorted sound, which will hurt the ears of the audience. To ensure a soothing and high-pitched performance, the professionals need to be experienced in sound architecture and place every equipment at the right place.


Mobile DJ For Your Wedding


Make An Informed Decision

Are you looking for mobile DJ in Brighton?

Hiring a good mobile DJ company is not an easy task, which is why, knowing the right factors and what equipment you should look for will play in your favour and will help you in making a good & informed decision.

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