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The rise of the boho wedding trend

Traditional weddings have long been the dream for many — the ideal location, dress, first dance, and tableware have been imagined for as long as some of us can remember. However, nowadays, only one in four now choose to tie the knot in a church or another place of worship and the quirky boho-style wedding is on the rise. Here, we look at why — and how — boho weddings have become much more popular in recent years.  What is a boho wedding?  Firstly, before we discover why they’re popular and what makes a boho wedding, it’s important to clarify …

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Wedding expectations throughout the years – how have they changed?

With ever-changing fashions, the expectation of showmanship and expenditure surrounding a wedding has altered over time. Since, your wedding day is widely considered to be the best and most important day of your life, there’s a lot of pressure, right? Not only do you have your own extravagant expectations to wrestle with, but also those of your friends, family and the cultural demands of the time. When the day comes to put your money where your mouth is, you could be in trouble. In fact, a recent survey discovered that the duties involved in weddings leave one third of bridesmaids …

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Planning a Festive Proposal

Proposing to someone that you love and want to spend the rest of your life with is always going to be exciting. If not a little nerve-wracking. If you proposed at home on a typical day, over a cup of coffee, it would be special. But, many of us want to do more. We want to make the proposal wonderful. We want to give our partners a day to remember. However nervous you might be, you might want to do everything that you can to create the perfect proposal, filled with romance and excitement. You might want it to be …

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