Our Top 5 Little Known Facts about Weddings Abroad

We’re covering five little known facts you may not know about the ever-growing trend of getting married away from home.

Little Known Facts – Weddings Abroad

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Think you know everything there is about weddings abroad?

The idea of exchanging vows in an exotic location is still relatively new to many people, so we’re covering five little known facts you may not know about the ever-growing trend of getting married away from home.

1. Weddings abroad make up over a quarter of all weddings….
That’s right – more and more couples are choosing to say their vows with sand between their toes or underwater, and they want their nearest and dearest with them on their big day.

2. More than a union on the sand… 
When you think of weddings abroad or destination weddings, you probably envisage windswept, white sandy beaches –  but there are some many other venues out there that play host to dream ceremonies; from a chateau in France to a castle in Chianti and even a palace in Malta. Or one not for the faint hearted an underwater ceremony in Grand Cayman, not much is off limits when it comes to the perfect wedding venue abroad.


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3. Not just for the day….
The great thing about weddings abroad is that you get to spend 3-4 days with your loved ones.  Not just for the wedding couple, but the guests too!  It’s now the norm to host various events throughout the trip, such as a welcome lunch, maybe even a “get to know the other guests” dinner or a sunset cruise.  As you are all travelling the distance to enjoy the exchange of vows, so you should also enjoy the destination to the max!


4. Don’t forget the honeymoon… 
Whether you want to stay at your chosen wedding location for a few extra days of newlywed bliss or move on over to another hotel, resort or villa nearby,  to take in different scenery, it’s even easier because you’re already there! Maybe you even want some time alone as a couple, if your wedding guests are extending their stay. Why not consider getting married in one location in a country and fly or drive on to another to explore all that country has to offer.


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5. Weddings abroad are much easier than you think..
Thanks to the internet and fabulous wedding planners across the globe (who really do take the stress out of marrying away from home!) … there’s no need to be afraid of planning a destination wedding anymore. Having peace of mind that all of the details are taken care of is truly priceless. Once your wedding day comes around, you can relax and enjoy your time with friends and family, and feel like a guest at your own wedding!



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