Last Minute Stag Do? Here’s How to Still Nail It

So you’ve been a lazy best man and forgot to plan out your best friend’s stag do. While the wedding preparations are in full swing, things are eerily quiet on the stag party front. It wasn’t until the groom-to-be dropped a subtle hint that you realised you have goofed up on an essential best man duty. But don’t go into a panic mode yet, you can still salvage this.


Last Minute Stag Do -


Stags are an essential part of the wedding. After all your best friend is tying the knot and sobering up for real and will soon be responsible for a family. He deserves a carefree night or a weekend full of silly adventures with his mates before taking up the role of a married man.

Here is how you can throw him a last minute stag do and still nail it while saving your reputation as a best man.


  1. Pick a Destination

With absolutely no time to waste, dig out the calendar and pick a date on which everyone will be readily available. This would help planning out the rest of the party.

Seek counsel from the groomsmen, loop in the groom if need be and pick out a destination. You could still get a good package deal and cheap flight tickets.

However, if the groom’s party isn’t willing to fly out or if there are other engagements, pick a destination within the city. UK has many options to throw an unforgettable stag do.


  1. Prepare The Guest List

Once the location and time have been set, it is time to prepare a guest list. It is important to run the guest list through the groom once or be  that close a friend that you have an idea of the people he would and wouldn’t like on his last night as a bachelor.

Prepare an email group and send out e-invites or call the guests to help pace things up. Since you waited until the last minute, there will be some who will have to decline. Don’t take it personally and move on to planning the rest of the party for those who do RSVP yes.


Last Minute Stag Do -


  1. Flexibility is Your Best Bet

The one problem with last minute planning is that you may not get the best of everything. Maybe the best accomomdation at that one resort you know is ideal for the stag isn’t available, or you can’t fly out to an exotic European city. The key here is to not dampen the spirits and be flexible with your plans.

So what if you couldn’t fly out to Amsterdam for the stag do, you could very much throw your mate an epic stag in UK. Liverpool, Birmingham, London and Reading are the ideal spots for party lovers. If you’ve planned an adventurous stag, North Wales is perfect for some adrenaline pumping sports.

Be open to ideas from the groomsmen and keep the spirits high and you’ll end up giving the groom an awesome time.


  1. Pre-pay for Everything

To avoid any further hassle or inconvenience, make sure everything is paid for beforehand. As a best man, ideally you should plan and pay for the party, yet, you may ask the groomsmen to pitch in their share if you don’t have a lot to spare. However, do not ask the groom to pay for the stag. It is supposed to be his gift. He has enough on his hand with the wedding expenditure.

Once all payments have been made, you can relax and enjoy the stag do without having to worry about settling any financial scores in a hungover state.


  1. Don’t Compromise on Fun

No matter how delayed your planning is, do not compromise on the fun. That is the whole point of a stag do. Don’t let your tardiness affect the party and throw the groom a good stag do.

Before you plan any kinky surprises, ask the groom if he likes the idea of a stripper. If yes, then arrange for some nice entertainment. If he just wants to chill with his friends, stock fine alcohol, go bar crawling, plan out activities and give him the time of his life.



There may be any number of reasons why you let the stag do planning until the last minute; maybe you’re lazy, maybe the groom changed his mind the last minute. However, getting panicked never saved anyone. There is still a way for you to throw your mate an amazing stag party. You just have to get it together and waste no more time and save your reputation as a best man.


Last Minute Stag Do -

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