Winter White Weddings!

Winter White Weddings in Lapland, Finland


Winter White Weddings Lapland


You are sitting in a sledge pulled by husky dogs. It takes you through a magical snow covered forest. The snow is so white that you wonder whether it is real. Finally you reach your destination. A chapel made of ice and snow. You step in the chapel and look around. The chapel is decorated by ice sculptures and it is the most beautiful place you have ever seen. It is totally quiet. In the evening magical lights, the Aurora Borealis, light up the sky. Is this a dream…

Other possible venues in the winter include a small romantic wooden Tieva chapel. For your wedding transportation you can also use a sledge pulled by a reindeer or a husky.

Complete the wedding celebration with a genuine performance of Lappish songs called joiku. If desired the bridal couple can get married in colorful Lapp costumes.

In the evening you can enjoy a very special wedding dinner in our log house restaurant. For your wedding night you have several options including a Honeymoon Snow Igloo, a Wedding Turf Chamber, Glass Igloo or the Queen Suite. The next days you can take part to our optional excursions and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful nature of Lapland.

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