Tips To Plan Fairy Tale Indian Wedding In Europe

Indian Wedding Europe - Tips To Plan Fairy Tale Indian Wedding In Europe -


Tips To Plan Fairy Tale Indian Wedding In Europe

Planning a wedding is no easy task and takes it all out of you. There is so much to remember and attend to and so much to keep under constant scrutiny to ensure everything goes smoothly and perfectly. The layout of the wedding is multiple-fold.

There are many different things that need to be handled in a very specific manner. There is absolutely no scope for any kind of error! However, if it is a destination wedding at someplace as beautiful as Europe, then a lot of extra effort needs to be put in to make it perfect and magnificent in the truest sense of the words.


Indian Wedding Europe - Tips To Plan Fairy Tale Indian Wedding In Europe -


An Indian wedding is a spectacle that encompasses warmth, colours, mirth, joy and celebration of love. It is a festival for the two families and their relatives and nothing can compare to the spirits of the wedding attendees. Classy, ritualistic, lavish and glamorous – these are the words that perfectly describe a typical Indian wedding.

The bride and the groom are dressed to the nines in expensive clothes and jewellery. The assemblage at the ceremony is nearly uncountable and everyone takes part in the celebration in their own manner. Scrumptious food, music, dance, laughter, and joy fill the air as the happy couple tie the knot.

Want to have the Best Indian Wedding in Europe? Follow the tips below!

Planning an Indian wedding is a tedious job but planning a destination Indian wedding in Europe is extremely gruelling and strenuous. That being said, there are a few guidelines and tips that you can follow that can make it a little bit easier for you! Some of them have been mentioned and explained below:

1. Time to plan – Time is of the essence when planning a wedding and people who have been there will tell you no different. That is why it is absolutely crucial that you start planning and putting the pieces of the puzzle together with adequate amount of time in hand otherwise it can turn from real pretty to real ugly, real fast! There are innumerable details and elements that need to be put in place and most of them will fall out of order. They need time to attend to and fix!

2. Time for the wedding – Perhaps one of the more important questions that you should find the answer to. Introspecting might be of great help for this one! The time of the year that is perfect for wedding needs to be chosen. Also, it needs to be convenient for the guests and relatives so that they make it to the wedding. The perfect season, when Mother Nature and your guests are kind is the right time to proceed with the wedding.

3. Fabrics that match the location – The last thing you want is the fabric and the clothes to seem like an abomination given the surroundings. It must be a part of the environment when you are getting married or the pictures would look terrible!

4. Guests – The head count is the part that gets messed up easily. Last minute additions or cancellations do hamper plans but it can be avoided if the confirmation is made beforehand and you have a few extra headcounts to fit in people or make necessary adjustments. Also, flight tickets to Europe aren’t exactly pocket-friendly so it is only fair and understandable that you ask for a confirmation with ample time. One more thing to keep in mind is to choose from the wide range of Indian wedding card designs. It needs to bring out the theme of the wedding for the guests.

5. Trips to take before wedding – Ideally, 3 to 4 trips to the destination should be perfect to ensure everything is in order. However, if you are efficient enough, you can cut down on the number of trips and focus more on planning.

These are the 5 basic tips that you need to follow with fervour to ensure your Indian Wedding in Europe is one that people will not forget easily.


Indian Wedding Europe - Tips To Plan Fairy Tale Indian Wedding In Europe -

  1. Your planning structure for Indian wedding in Europe really amazing. I also plan destination wedding & in this your post help me a lot.

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