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My husband need not worry, it is not another man….I’m hopelessly devoted to shoes!

My love affair with shoes began very early in life. I recall playing for hours with my mums shoes. I have fond memories of wearing black wooden heeled mules, with matching chunky platforms – just like the ones worn by Sandy (aka Olivia Newton-John) in Grease – as I strutted around the house, dreaming I was being swept off my feet by Danny!


Hopelessly devoted to shoes, heels.... Weddings Abroad -


In reality I’ve been rowing upstream for weeks, working long hours, combined with sleepless nights, due to baby snuffles, really I should have given in to an early night, but the lure of seeing Carrie’s closet brimming with Manolo’s, had me running to the movies last night, to lust over the heels adorning the big screen in Sex and the City!

I am surprised!!! I have now written a few blog posts, without the mention of shoes…. yet my whole life revolves around my love of footwear.

Shoes may not change your life, says who? but boy they certainly change the way you feel!
I have a whole wall closet dedicated to my precious shoe collection, I kid you not. Until recently the only souvenir I ever brought back from any trip was a pair of shoes, I must have over 300 pairs and I can tell you the exact history of each and every pair, I can also remember the emotions I have felt at wearing each pair for the first time.

It’s true, no matter what size we are, we can usually find a pair of fabulous shoes to make us feel sexy, sassy, feminine, confident, powerful and pretty.
No other accessory can transform a look, or the wearer with such intensity.


Hopelessly devoted to shoes, heels.... Weddings Abroad -


Girls and their shoes—it’s a curious love affair that leaves men utterly baffled. Why do we women love shoes so much? More importantly, why do we collect dozens of pairs that are often, uncomfortable, expensive, and above all, take up so much space.

We girls don’t need a rational explanation for our relationship with shoes. Sometimes it’s just for pleasure, sometimes it’s for necessity and sometimes it’s, well, just because!

When I get a new magazine I immediately scan through it to get a look at the shoes, not just for me you understand, but are there any suitable for brides.

The first thing I look for from any collection, is what a specific designer is doing, and which if any may be ideal to walk up the aisle!  Whilst browsing the photo’s of the latest celeb weddings, forget the dress I am zooming in on the feet…..looking out for the Gorgeous Gina’s, the Lustworthy Louboutin’s, the Divine Dior’s, and the Vivacious Vivier’s!


Hopelessly devoted to shoes, heels.... Weddings Abroad -


My husband, still fails to understand such longings, even after 10 years of marriage, he still says ” haven’t you got a pair like that already?”

So next time your partner says ” haven’t you already got a pair exactly like that” just say with a wry smile, “you don’t understand and I doubt you ever will”.

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