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Heading off to your wedding abroad? Going on holiday? Or even going away on a work trip….

Home Insurance -

You’ve packed your bags, printed your tickets,  remembered your passport, validated your legal documents and sorted your travel insurance. That’s it you’re all ready to go…or are you?

Whether it be the excitement of the pending trip, or too busy getting organised, many people don’t realise or simply forget that they are leaving behind one of their most valuable assets and all their possessions, at their most vulnerable whilst travelling.

We organise weddings all over the world, and one of the most important items on our checklist before travel is travel insurance.  Of course most people seem to realise the importance of travel insurance, however very few people bother to check their home insurance, and check their policies for how long the policy allows for the property to be unattended.

Home Insurance -

It is imperative that you check your home insurance policy to ensure your property is covered whilst you are away.  Also inform your good neighbours that you’re going away so they may keep a lookout on your property, and move any visible letters or leaflets from your letterbox or door.

It is also good practice to put a couple of lamps on intermittent timers so they come on at different times in the evening each day, this gives the impression that somebody is in the house. You can also get photosensitive bulbs that switch on when a certain level of darkness is reached. If you are using a light on a timer, don’t use it with a table lamp that can be easily viewed through a window – a total giveaway. Perhaps most shocking of all is that many break ins occur as a result of forgetfulness, with unlocked front doors frequently being the point of access.  Check all windows and doors before departure.

Home Insurance -

One of the easiest ways to protect your home whilst you’re away is to invest in a home alarm system.  60% of attempted burglaries on homes fitted with home alarm systems fail.

As tempting as it is to show off your photos each day of your trip on social media, you have no idea who can see your posts, nor whom they may tell…Insurance can become void if the occupier advertised that they were away, don’t let this happen to you.  Save those snaps for your homecoming…

Taking simple precautions will significantly reduce the likelihood of having to make an insurance claim and help ensure your lasting memories are that of your nuptials, holiday or honeymoon, and not of a problem that occurred at home whilst you were away.

Home Insurance -


Disclosure:  this post was produced in association with Chill Insurance

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