Oh La La! Why France is a Dream Wedding Destination

France - Wedding Destination - WeddingsAbroad.com


Getting married in a foreign land is right at the top of many couple’s wedding wishlist. If you have not yet considered France as being your ideal option, now is the time to think again! Each region holds different attractions so there is bound to be a destination that suits you. From wintery Alpine mountains in the north to glamorous, yacht-attracting harbours in the south, it really does depend on your personal preferences. Here we will look at just a few reasons why it is time to put France at the top of your dream wedding destination list.


It is the Land of Love

If you asked people to name one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris would almost undoubtedly come out on top. But there are plenty of other incredibly romantic destinations to choose from. You could get married in a beautiful chateau for weddings, which the beguiling French countryside boasts many of. There are also plenty of picturesque chapels and village churches dotted up and down the country. Combine the scenery with the language, the food and the culture, and it is no wonder that France is still considered the land of love.


World-Class Cuisine and Wonderful Wine

We have just mentioned it, but it is worth going into further detail about just how much of a draw the world-class cuisine is. Food is one of the great sources of national pride in France, and the country is filled to the brim with fine dining options throughout the bustling cities and in the smallest villages. And the quality of food is so good, you may not even have to spend a huge amount hiring an expensive caterer. When you are enjoying your wedding meal, you will undoubtedly want to enjoy a glass of wine or two. Well, you are in luck because you have come to one of the most celebrated wine countries in the world!


Unspoilt Landscapes

France - Wedding Destination - WeddingsAbroad.com


We have already touched upon the towering mountains and sun-blushed beaches, but France has even more to offer when it comes to scenery. We haven’t even mentioned the rolling hills of Normandy or the tranquil waterside scenery of the Loire Valley. Nor have we talked about the quaint towns and villages where you can feel like you have escaped from everything. It is worth saying again that France really does have a little bit of everything.


Agreeable Weather

The south of France boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year with a pleasant sea breeze which helps to temper the heat in the height of summer. The Mediterranean coast generally offers 12 hours of sunshine a year during the summer with a pleasant average temperature of 27 degrees. Even on the Atlantic coast and further north towards Paris, you get some pleasant weather in summer, along with mild springs and autumns.


So, hopefully you have been inspired to add France to your wedding destination list for these four reasons alone!   



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