The Four-Week Countdown Every Bride Needs

Getting married takes a whole lot of organizing. Many couples find it very difficult to stay on top of everything as they aren’t in the destination country so can’t easily check in with the venue, caterers, and photographer. But that doesn’t mean that planning a wedding abroad is completely impossible.

To help you stay one step ahead of all your organization, here is our four-week countdown. If you manage to stick to this, you will find that everything goes swimmingly!


four-week countdown wedding planning


Four Weeks To Go

Most couples find that hiring some wedding planners is a really big help when planning a foreign wedding. Ideally, you should find a planning company that specializes in weddings abroad and are very familiar with your country of choice. Four weeks before your big day is a good time to check in with them and make sure that they check in with the venue to ensure that everything is going to be perfect on the day. You will also need to get your final dress fitting around this point too. If you have lost or gained any weight since your first fitting, the bridal boutique can make adjustments.


Three Weeks To Go

Think of all the jobs you will need your bridesmaids to help with on the wedding day and write them all down. You should also send out the running order of your ceremony to everyone who will be in the wedding party. This ensures that everyone has plenty of time to review it, so they know exactly what to expect on the day!


four-week countdown wedding planning


Two Weeks To Go

With just two weeks to go, you might want to have a practice run through with your hairdresser and stylist. They will be able to do your hair and makeup to ensure that you are happy with it. It’s also a good idea that they know how many people they will be styling on the day. If you are jetting off on honeymoon the day after your wedding, you should double check that your passports and tickets are all ready to go. You might want to start packing now, as you could be too busy to in the run-up to the wedding!


One Week To Go

Now is the time to pick up your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. If the groom is getting his suit and the best man’s suit from a tailor’s, you should also arrange to pick that up as well. Most brides like to wear their bridal shoes around the house in the week running up to the wedding as this ensure they won’t rub your feet and cause blisters on the day. No one wants sore feet on their wedding day! You should also aim to have an early night each night this week, as this can help reduce the chance of waking up with bags on the morning of your wedding!


Hopefully, this all helps you stay organized! But the main thing is to make sure you enjoy all of the run-up to the day!

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