Destination Dressing: How To Choose The Perfect Attire For A Wedding Abroad

Have you been invited to a wedding in a different country? Are you wondering what on earth to wear? If so, don’t panic! Here are some top tips to help you dress for a destination wedding.

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The dress code

Some couples stipulate a dress code, so look out for advice and information on the invitation or wedding website. You may find that you’re asked to wear something formal or opt for a more casual look. Occasionally, there may be a theme. In this case, the couple probably has a specific style in mind. If there is a dress code, make sure you stick to it. There’s nothing worse than turning up to a wedding and looking completely different to all the other guests.

Dressing for the occasion

When you’re looking for an outfit for a wedding, think about the kind of occasion you’ll be attending. Are you going to a lavish gathering at a castle in the hills? Or is the ceremony taking place at an open-air restaurant on the beach? Often, with beach weddings, you can go for a more informal outfit. If you’re going to a traditional wedding in grand surroundings, a smarter option may be preferable. Bear the location in mind when you’re coming up with ideas. The couple has obviously chosen this spot for a reason, and it means a lot to them. You can indulge this by dressing accordingly. You could look for authentic Scottish kilts on the Internet if the groom hails from Scotland, for example



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Preparing for the elements

With any destination wedding, it’s essential to dress for the weather. You’ll need to bear the conditions in mind, and choose something that will make you feel comfortable. If you’re going to a hot country, go for light fabrics and pale colors. If you’re going somewhere chilly, don’t forget to take a coat. You may also need an umbrella. For beach weddings, maxi skirts and dresses work well for ladies. For gents, linen suits are a winning formula. For cooler destinations, you can’t go wrong with shift dresses and opaque tights. Add a fur stole for instant glamor.


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Pay attention to accessories

If you’re travelling abroad for a wedding, don’t forget your accessories. If it’s going to be sunny and hot, don’t forget your sunglasses and take a parasol to the service. If the ceremony is on a beach, take some flat shoes with you. You can always change into heels afterwards. If you’re heading off to colder climes, don’t forget hats, gloves, and scarves.

Dressing for any wedding can be tricky. You want to find an outfit that is original and eye-catching. But you also want to fit in with the dress code and make sure that you’re comfortable. Look out for tips from the bride and groom in the invitation. Think about the weather and the location. Dress for the occasion. You should get a sense of the style from the invitation. But if you’re unsure, ask the couple. If you’re looking for inspiration, have a flick through some magazines, and search for ideas for wedding guest outfits online. Once you’ve got a dress or a suit sorted, you can then add accessories for those perfect final touches.



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