Not-So-Obvious Cutbacks You Could Make If You Do Decide On A Dream Wedding Venue

Cutbacks Wedding Costs - Destination Wedding Weddings Abroad


When you are getting married, you will attempt to find the most amazing wedding venue for your big day. After all, you will only be getting married once, so you need it to be spectacular. But a fantastic venue in a beautiful destination doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, you need to look at ways of saving money. Here are some not-so-obvious cutbacks you could make if you do decide on a dream wedding venue.

Cutbacks Wedding Costs - Destination Wedding Weddings AbroadImage Credit

You could skip the bouquet

As much as flowers are amazing for your wedding, they can be an extra cost that you just can’t afford on top of everything else. And they are not always essential for your wedding day. Therefore, if you need to make a cutback, the bouquet might be the way to go. After all, if you are at a stunning destination, flowers are not going to be the top thing you really need! If you do still want some form of flowers for your big day, you could opt to make your own. It will be a lot cheaper than getting a florist to make you one. Or if you look online, you can find some cheap plastic flower bouquets which won’t break the bank.

You could cutback on the wedding breakfast

Although the food on your big day is important, a wedding breakfast is not a necessity. In fact, so many people are now opting for a buffet instead of a formal sit-down meal. After all, if you are in a gorgeous destination, it will be fabulous to sit outside and enjoy a lovely buffet. And if the weather is fantastic, you might want to even opt for a BBQ for your family and friends. After all, this is always popular and won’t cost the earth. You could save thousands of dollars!


Cutbacks Wedding Costs - Destination Wedding Weddings Abroad


You could spend less on the invites

A lot of people spend hundreds on wedding invitations. And the worst thing about it is they tend to be just tossed aside by their guests. In fact, a proportion of the guests loses them before the big day. Therefore, one cutback you should make is those expensive invitations. Opt to make your own ones instead which will save you a fortune. You can even find some free wedding invitation templates online which you can personalize and print off to use as your wedding invite. Or you could go modern and just set up a Facebook event page for your wedding day!

You could skip the honeymoon

When you splash out on a fantastic venue, there’s a good chance you will be left with limited funds for your honeymoon. But there is no reason why you can’t have a honeymoon at a later date. In fact, if you do book something for 6 or even 12 months time, it’s something to look forward to so that you don’t get post-wedding blues. And if you are heading abroad for your wedding, you could just stay another week and have that as your honeymoon.

And if you do decide to get married in a dream destination, it does mean that you can reduce your guest list to cut costs. After all, only a few will be prepared to make the trip to be there for your wedding day!
Cutbacks Wedding Costs - Destination Wedding Weddings Abroad

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