How to cut the cost of your wedding abroad

Cut Cost Wedding Abroad


More and more people are opting to hold their wedding abroad. There are many benefits to this – a beautiful location, a controllable guest list and many destinations work out far more cost effective than a UK wedding.

There seems to be a no-brainer when it comes to weddings abroad. Less hassle, less cost and more sunshine. But when budgets are an issue, how do you cut costs without compromising your special day? We spoke to our friends, the holiday experts at, to see what advice they had on lowering the costs of holding your wedding abroad.

If you’re not fixed on one particular place, have a look around and see which countries offer the cheapest deals. It’s worth the research!

Wedding packages
When you’ve decided on your location, check out the wedding packages for each resort. Sometimes they add items that you might not be that interested in – so go through with a fine toothcomb. You can also weigh up whether doing your own DIY ceremony when you’re there is preferable.


Cut Cost Wedding Abroad -


When you’re doing an electronic payment to your country of choice, keep an eye out for the times the currency exchange is in your favour. A great idea is setting up rate alerts.

Spending money
Be prepared when it comes to getting your spending money together. Check exchange rates and find the best places in your area with the lowest rates, zero commission charges etc. Avoid getting your money from airports – this is costly and easily avoidable.

Card payments
We recommend avoid using your normal credit and debit cards when you’re abroad. You could be subject to unnecessary ATM fees, foreign exchange and transaction fees. Instead you can top up money on pre-paid currency cards that can be loaded up before your trip and be used like a debit card. Just keep your eye on the provider’s exchange rate as they can vary.

If you’re in a dream location abroad, it makes financial sense to stay there for your honeymoon. Find a resort that is some distance away from your wedding location and enjoy a post-nuptial holiday.

Weddings are full of extra fripperies – favours, expensive decorations, videographers – so this is your chance to scale down what you really don’t need or want. Some brides forego the expensive cake in favour for individual puddings, others decide that a normal wedding dress looks too much for a beach wedding, and opt for a less formal shift dress.


Cut Cost Wedding Abroad -


There is a lot you can do to scale down the cost of a wedding. From the practical (like being vigilant about exchange rates) to the personal (foregoing the traditional wedding car). However, deciding on a foreign location is one of the biggest saving decisions you can make.


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