Why You Should Consider India For Your Honeymoon

There are so many gorgeous, romantic destinations on earth that are perfect for honeymooning in. And when you’re planning yours, it can leave you spoiled for choice. There are many destinations that are popular destinations with newlyweds, but if you’re looking for something extra interesting and a little bit different, why not consider India? Here are a few of the reasons that it’s well worth thinking about.


It Has Incredible Beaches

India Honeymoon - India Landscape - WeddingsAbroad.com

If exotic weather, white sandy beaches, and blue skies are on your honeymoon wishlist – India certainly won’t disappoint. From Majorda Beach in Goa to Paradise Beach in Pondicherry, and so many more. There are a huge range of beaches that India has to offer, for your perfect relaxing honeymoon getaway. The beaches might not be your first thought when you picture India, but there are so many stunning ones that they shouldn’t be overlooked!


There are Lots of Places To Relax

India Honeymoon - Beach Couple in hammock - WeddingsAbroad.com

From world-class spas to yoga and meditation sessions. There are places where you can lie back in a hammock and take in the views. There are plenty of places to enjoy delicious food in the many restaurants and dining options available. After being busy with wedding planning and the big day itself, having a chance to relax and just spend time together is crucial for an excellent honeymoon destination. And India certainly offers this.


It Has Fascinating Culture

India is home to colorful festivals, extravagant celebrations, bright and exciting Bollywood movies. It has a whole host of religions and languages; this massive country is truly diverse. Each region of India offers a different experience. So whether you’re looking at honeymoon places in South India, or in the North close to the Himalayas- the country has so much to offer. You get the best of both worlds since there are places to relax, as well as lots to see and do. If you’re after culture, history and diversity on your honeymoon then India is the perfect option.


It’s Romantic

India Honeymoon - Dasara Navaratri Festival WeddingsAbroad.com


Somewhere romantic is essential for a honeymoon destination. And when you think of India, your first thought might be of  bustling cities. And as exciting as they are, they’re not typically ‘romantic’. However there are a number of resorts in India which offer a tranquil and relaxing haven that are away from the city. From secluded spots in the mountains to the middle of forests, to resorts surrounded by acres of pristine scenery. There are a whole host of high-end hotels and resorts to choose from which would be ideal for honeymooning in. When you choose India as a honeymoon destination, you get to experience a more peaceful and luxurious side of India but can also explore the cities and towns too for your dose of culture. You could go picnicking in unspoiled meadows, watch the sunset from upscale restaurants or walk hand in hand on the gorgeous beaches. India makes an incredibly romantic honeymoon destination.


Where are you considering for your honeymoon?  Is India a destination you have thought about?


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