Enough About Weddings, What Are The Best Places In The World To Pop The Question?

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As you might expect, we do a lot of talking about the best places to have a wedding in the whole world.  But what about the best places to pop the question? For a couple that’s been together a long time, the proposal can get a little expected.  Even to the point of throwing wedding hypotheticals before the question is asked.  So if you really want to surprise your partner, it’s the destination that can make all the difference.  We’re going to skip Juliet’s Balcony, Taco Bell, the Eiffel Tower and the obvious ones on this list.  Instead, we’ll focus on the feeling and how it’ll make her remember it vividly for the rest of their life.


Best Places to Pop The Question - WeddingsAbroad.com

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The class of culture

Want to make someone really feel special?  Consider doing it somewhere surrounded by all the sophistication they could want.  You want the setting to fit the effort you’re putting in.  Particularly if you’re proposing with something fancy like Tacori engagement rings.  Spend the day exploring and living in lavish locations like the restaurants and casinos of Monte Carlo.  Just as the sun is starting to sink under the horizon, choose a particularly classy spot and get on one knee.  If you’re a bit of a sucker for tradition, stop somewhere lovely for dinner and make it the perfect follow-up to dessert.


Best places to pop the question - where to propose - WeddingsAbroad.com

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The intimacy for nature

They might love being surrounded by culture and class.  But for those quiet souls, it can all be a bit too public.  If you want to be alone, to ride solely off the mood between the both of you, then go somewhere no-one else is.  The most gorgeous nature spots like Big Sur can get terrifically quiet.  Have a picnic, have an explore. Sit down to watch the sunset together.  Then, when everything gets quiet and you’re both totally at peace with one another, that’s when you pull it out.  Seal up that perfect, tranquil moment for just the two of you.  Your clothes might dirty and you might be tired after the hike, but they’ll never forget it.


Best Places to Propose Pop The Question - WeddingsAbroad.com

Photo sourced by Pedro Szekely


The power of pampering

There are a lot of ways to say you love someone.  For some, the most effective can be to give them a taste of real pampering.  We’re talking the works.  Massages, fantastic food, premium service.  If you want to propose in that kind of setting, go big.  Take them to an island hotel.  A little paradise cut off from the rest of the world where their wants and needs are the only things that matter for a while.  After all the sensory pleasures that a hotel like the Mystique in Greece has to offer, you can top them all.  It also helps that all that pampering might just help butter them up to the point they’ll actually say yes to the question!

What’s most important is that you make the proposal your own.  Think about what they would like best?  Somewhere deserted and gorgeous?  Opulence and class? Or the most romantic weeklong date they’ve ever had?



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