Results are in: The best holiday companion is our partner!

New survey, carried out on behalf of, the long-haul luxury holiday provider, reveals who British holidaymakers most like to travel with.

Fortunately, the figures pull up some favourable results for all romantic souls. According to the research, more than half of us choose our partner as the best person to travel with.


The best holiday companion is our partner - Destination2 -


And before taking our partners on a holiday we do make sure we’ve planned the best trip ever. According to the poll, we take our research seriously as a nation, with 77 per cent of those taking part in the survey confirming that they look into the culture of the destination before flying out.


The best holiday companion is our partner - Destination2 -


With English so widely spoken around the world, the data also tells us how Brits handle the language barrier abroad. Thankfully, the days of speaking loudly and slowly to a foreign speaker are long over, according to the research. Nowadays, UK holidaymakers seem to be more proactive in learning the lingo with 33 per cent of us always learning the basics to communicate. Only 25 per cent of us don’t get round to learning anything.


The best holiday companion is our partner - Destination2 -


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