Bad news for brides: Carrying your partner over the threshold is thing of the past as ‘cheesy’ wedding traditions dying out

Wedding traditions such as asking the bride’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage are dying out, a study revealed today.
Researchers found the courteous gesture of asking the future father-in-law for his permission is now considered ‘too cheesy’.
Another tried and tested wedding day custom which has died out is having Just Married stickers or tin cans on the car, which is now thought of as ‘too noisy’.

As for the bride wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue, this tradition too has fallen by the wayside due to it being ‘impractical’, the study showed.

Dads picking up the bill for their daughters’ nuptials is also a thing of the past at many weddings, as is the groom carrying the bride across the threshold because most couples now co-habit before their nuptials.
But it’s not all bad news for brides.

Among traditions which are still alive are the groom going down on one knee to ask for his bride’s hand in marriage, and big bouquets of flowers for both mums.
The trend emerged in a study of 5,000 married adults by The Wedding Inbox, an online wedding directory which helps couples prepare for the big day.
Yesterday spokesman Mitesh Lad said: ‘It’s a sign of the times that some wedding traditions are dying out, especially the bride’s father picking up the bill.
‘Weddings are more flamboyant and lavish than ever before so subsequently they cost a lot more. Therefore many couples and even in-laws all have to chip in to help pay for the big day…………

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