And now, drones click couples at weddings….

Drones at weddings

Drones at weddings

Move over, movie cameras. Drones are now the done thing at many weddings in the city. A number of couples are opting for these hovering copters to get the best shots on their special day. With Valentine’s Day approaching, and many marriages being planned around the time, the demand for drone cameras is at an all-time high. “A major attraction of drone cameras is the aerial view that they can capture. Also, they are a big style statement for those who can afford them,” says a city-based photographer.For many newly-weds, it’s this ‘wow’ factor that scores over anything else. “When couples pay so much to plan destination weddings and pre-wedding shoots, then what is the harm in spending a little on drones in order to make your marriage memorable?” says Gauri Sharma, whose recent wedding had guests gasping as drones took to the air to capture the nuptial shots.

Photo professionals say that drones come with a few other advantages as well. For instance, while traditional video cameras, which employ movement-enabling devices like a jimmy jib, can go upto a height of only 25 feet, drones can reach a height of 50 feet and offer pictures which are of good quality unlike regular cameras in which images may shake at that height.”Drone cameras are also quite light-weight and can operate in minimal light unlike traditional cameras which need extra flash to shoot at weddings,” says Ravi Maheshwari, owner of Technica Videos, a photo studio.


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