Alternative Wedding Cakes For A Truly Unique Wedding


Alternative Wedding Cakes -


When it comes to planning your wedding, you want it to be perfect and 100% uniquely you. There are some traditional aspects you might want to keep, like the white dress, the giving of rings and the bouquet of flowers. On the other hand, you might want to change it all and make your day completely special.


One thing that a lot of couples have been opting for an alternative for is the wedding cake. For a while now the fashion has been a have cupcakes instead of the traditional tiered cake. This is a great idea since you don’t have to cut anything, and everyone gets a decent sized piece of cake to take home. But following the splurge of cupcakes, there are loads of alternative designs emerging which might just be perfect for your wedding day.



As with the cupcakes, Macarons and Macaroons (try not to confuse them) are making their appearance to replace the traditional wedding cake. You can lay them out in a tired fashion, in boxes as gifts, or stack them haphazardly for a more rustic effect. People having been glamming them up with edible gold leaf – if you fancy some more glitz at your wedding.


Alternative Wedding Cakes -


Cheese Towers

For those cheese lovers out there, you can get your hands on a tiered stack of cheese wheels. You can customise each layer so that you get samples of your favourite cheeses. You can still get the traditional photos, and you’ll just be cutting cheese instead of cake! Serve with crackers and grapes, and even send cheese gifts home with your guests. At least this ‘cake’ won’t go stale over the next week.

Alternative Wedding Cakes -


Cheesecake Cake

Sticking with the cheese theme, why not combine the traditional with the unconventional? A cheesecake wedding cake can be tiered, or just set out as a delicious array or cheesy goodness. Combine different flavours to make sure that everyone will be coming back for seconds, and thirds, and will all have their favourites. It also adds a fruity twist to an otherwise sweet dish.


Pork Pie

If you’re thinking of lessening the sweetness- then why not go all the way and have a completely savoury wedding cake? You can now have a pork pie wedding cake; you can customise the fillings and topping for a truly unique cake/pie that will top your wedding breakfast.


Sushi Cake

If you want savoury and exotic, why not the deliciously brilliant sushi cake? A tiered cake stand arranged with bright coloured sushi of all types that everyone can enjoy. You can have vegetarian options, a fish layer, a poultry layer, an entire tier devoted to sweet rice balls – the choice is yours.


Alternative Wedding Cakes -

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