8 Romantic Things To Do In Thailand

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Romantic Thailand - 8 Romantic Things To Do In Thailand - WeddingsAbroad.com

Table of Contents

Romantic Thailand - 8 Romantic Things To Do In Thailand - WeddingsAbroad.com


Thailand is a destination of discovery, excitement and new experiences.  White silken sand, cloudless blue skies, aquamarine seas, swaying palm trees, secluded beachside resorts… Thailand with the legendary friendliness and charm of the Thai people, has all the classic ingredients of a luxurious tropical romantic escape.

If you are looking for a great place to make a proposal, for a honeymoon or just a romantic destination to enjoy the company of your loved one, you will find it in these places:


Private Paradise

For the ultimate seclusion stay in a luxurious private villa – opt for extra space and tranquillity to unwind in truly exclusive surroundings.  Consider Thailand beach rentals with ocean views, high-end amenities, in-villa dining experiences, infinity pools facing the sunset or where gardens merge seamlessly with the golden shoreline. Whether you are proposing or not you’ll definitely be saying “I Do” to mixing romance with privacy and seclusion –  feel rested and rejuvenated following your romantic retreat.


Romantic Thailand - 8 Romantic Things To Do In Thailand - WeddingsAbroad.com


Wish upon a…..rock

The lush vegetation, aquamarine waters, and secluded caves of Phang Nga Bay, make Ao Phang Nga National Park one of Thailand’s top destinations. A cruise to the famed James Bond Island, or Koh Khao Phing Kan, is one of the must-do activities to indulge in on your visit to Phang Nga. Lying 25 kilometres north-east of Phuket, this picturesque island is a true a wonder of nature and the limestone rock formations here seem to rise from the waters. Legend has it that couples should visit the nearby two colossal rock slabs lying against one another, supposedly symbolic of lovers supporting each other — a sacred place where people come to pray for a happy relationship. Pack a picnic and spend the day exploring the islands on a boat tour — hire a luxurious speed boat, a traditional junk ship, a long-tail boat, or in less intrusive sea canoes and kayaks.



No longer “secret” but certainly spectacular beach – A great escape from busy Phuket

Banana Beach with it’s shallow pristine blue waters, large coconut trees, super silky white sand, such a peaceful and serene setting. There’s a great restaurant at the south end of the beach serving local freshly caught seafood. Enjoy a lazy romantic lunch with your toes being tickled by the sand in the shade of the trees, as you watch a couple of long-tail boats bobbing around on the clear waters.  Often tricky to find – travel along the road north from Layan Beach. Banana Beach is on your left hand side. You will need to head on down the shaded hill, through the jungle in order to reach this beautiful beach, but it is definitely worth the effort and you will rewarded, as the turquoise blue water appears through the trees. 


Romantic Thailand - 8 Romantic Things To Do In Thailand - WeddingsAbroad.com


Sunset cocktails with a 360-degree Cityscape Panorama

No romantic visit to Bangkok would be complete without a sunset enjoyed on a rooftop with a 360 degree cityscape panorama. The Moon Bar, perched 61 floors above central Bangkok, claims to be one of the highest alfresco bars in the world. Offering one of the most amazing panoramic views of Bangkok, a sunset here is a memorable occasion, well worth the price of a cocktail. Candlelit tables surround the bar, all set in a stylish roof garden, each with their own unique stunning view. 


Love Island

Undoubtedly the most romantic little island in Thailand is Ko Ngai, also known as Koh Hai – located on the beautiful Trang archipelago just South of Krabi. The sand is powdery and white and the sea crystal clear. Craggy limestone rock pillars – known as karsts (formed when water penetrates the soluble rock) dot the horizon.

The small, mountainous island covered by lush tropical forest has no roads, no cars, no motorbikes and absolutely no worries!  Besides its natural beauty Ko Ngai is also exceptionally stylish. Previously uninhabited, you’ll now find a few boutique-style bungalow resorts, that blend well within the natural environment and landscape.


Romantic Thailand - 8 Romantic Things To Do In Thailand - WeddingsAbroad.com


Tattoo Temple

Express your love for another, by way of sacred tattoo known as Sak Yant (“Sak” means “tattoo,” and “yant” means yantra, a mystical diagram),  believed to  grant health, protection, power, wealth and luck to those who receive them. Performed with a blessing from a Buddhist Monk at the famous Wat Bang Phra, a working historic Buddhist monastery. 

Wat Bang Phra is home to several tattoo master monks as well as trained laymen, referred to as ajahns, who have been granted permission to offer genuine sak yant on temple grounds. This tradition of tattooing dates back hundreds of years.  Mingling with a complex, pre-existing tapestry of Hinduism, sacred geometry, spirit worship, superstition and magical incantations. Wat Bang Phra is located some 50 kilometres west of Bangkok in the far eastern reaches of Nakhon Pathom province. 


Romantic Thailand - 8 Romantic Things To Do In Thailand - WeddingsAbroad.com



No trip to Thailand would not be complete without seeing an elephant, the national revered animal and a symbol for the country, Thailand has incorporated elephants into their culture for thousands of years. Elephant Nature Park is a unique sanctuary, rescue and rehabilitation centre for elephants set in Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand. 

Set high in the lush northern mountains this project has some the most stunning scenery in the country. Beautiful scenery, elephants bathing, mud baths, awesome jungle walks in the company of rescued elephants make for an unforgettable trip.  Top tips – take some bananas, split them in half to last longer and there’s no need to peel them – elephants eat the lot!


Romantic Thailand - 8 Romantic Things To Do In Thailand - WeddingsAbroad.com


Celebrate the Romance Forever – Tie the Knot in Thailand

It’s not too complicated to get married whilst in Thailand, and with a little forward planning we can arrange a Thai Wedding Ceremony for you.  It can be anything from a simple Traditional Ceremony with monks to a full blown wedding extravaganza with guests, dinner by the sea and live music. So make your romantic break to Thailand into an event to remember forever!


Romantic Thailand - 8 Romantic Things To Do In Thailand - WeddingsAbroad.com

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