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Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas -


Many couples looking to make their wedding day truly memorable are abandoning churches and registry offices for the great outdoors. Here are just a few venues that could be worth considering for anyone yearning an al fresco wedding.


The beach wedding

Getting married with the great expanse of the ocean in the background is a dream shared by many. Whilst you may need to get permission from landowners, you may not always have to pay to get married on a beach. You do have to factor in Mother Nature of course as the wind and the rain can ruin a beach wedding. There’s also the tide to consider – time your wedding right so that the waves aren’t rolling in during the ceremony.


The riverside wedding

A river could make for an equally scenic backdrop for those that love the water. There are many venues built by rivers with canopies over the top to safeguard against the rain. Wedding venues don’t come much better than this. As with any outdoor wedding, timing is everything. You should also check out the bank you’ve chosen isn’t in a frequent flood zone.


Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas -


The barn wedding

Those wanting to get married with the lush countryside in the background may want to consider a barn wedding. Whilst technically indoor venues, they’ve got a charming natural rustic feel to them that may appeal to those wanting an outdoor wedding, and can be great if you’re getting married out of season when there could be a chance of showers. There are many barns around the world that have been converted specifically for weddings. It’s worth scouting around for these as converting a barn yourself will be hard and expensive work.  


The vineyard wedding

Some vineyards now host weddings and could be the perfect location for those that like their wine. If you’ve been considering going abroad, there are plenty of French wine-making chateaus that could be a prime location for such a wedding. You could still get married outside but could have the chateaux as a backup option to retreat to in the event of rain.  


Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas -


The forest wedding

A woodland wedding could be another option for outdoorsy types. Whilst trees will offer some cover from rain, you may still want to set up a gazebo to be safe. You’ll find plenty of specialist woodland venues, or you could decide to choose your own location in the wild (you’ll likely still need permission from local landowners).


The mountain wedding

Taking wedding venues to new heights, the mountain wedding is perfect for those that want to be surrounded by epic views. There are lots of mountain resorts and villas that are great for hosting such a wedding. Bear in mind that mountains can be chilly locations, especially in winter. Having an indoor space to fall back could be worthwhile.  


Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas -

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  1. The venue for my upcoming wedding is the forest. I love the breathtaking landscapes. It is the perfect wedding backdrop for an outdoor bride like me.

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