5 Simple steps for an Epic Wedding in Greece

Epic Wedding in Greece


5 Simple steps for an Epic Wedding in Greece

So, you’ve decided to get married in Greece!

Marryposa Royal Events is here to provide you with all the special small tips you need, in order to have the most Epic Wedding outside your home town .


Be Sure For Every Detail

Getting married abroad can be a difficult task to organize. You have to search deep about every detail and you have to think of every single matter that you may face. So first things you have to look for are:


Choose the Location

Your first step is to decide whether you dream of a wedding on an island or on the main land. Choosing location will determine what options you will have on each case regarding the landscapes or the reception venues. It will always come to you and the idea you have created of a wedding scenery.


Choose a Destination Specialist / Wedding Planner

This might be the most important step you will have to take in the process of planning in order to secure that everything will be set as per your wish. A Destination Specialist will not only provide you with endless useful details regarding the actual location but also will provide you with a variety of things to choose from. Most important is that your chosen Planner will arrange everything before your arrival, fix your papers and prepare everything for you, without you having to stress over anything.


epic wedding greece


Choose a Theme for your Wedding

After having chosen the location and your Wedding Planner, this is the point where all the interesting work begins. You will have to make up your mind on the theme that will give the final style to your wedding according to the options you are given from your Wedding Planner. Do not forget that trusting your Wedding Planner will always give you the best results.



Depending on whether you have chosen, a complete official wedding or just a renewal of vows, the legalities and documents is really important to be prepared correctly and on time. Preparing all the documents properly and sending them to Greece on time according to the instructions given from your Wedding Planner, will give you one more reason to be absolutely ready for the ceremony. You can also find a detailed page about wedding documents you are going to need for weddings in Santorini on our website.


Relax and enjoy

You have made all the preparations and gone through everything with your Wedding Planner for the last time. There is no reason why not to relax and enjoy everything. So, lay back and let everyone do what they are supposed to. After all on your special day you deserve to be treated like Royalty and not be concerned with anything at all!!!


Can’t wait to tie the knot in a traditional way in Santorini Island surrounded by breathtaking views at every angle? We don’t blame you. You can contact our guest blogger Marryposa Royal Events today to talk all things about wedding and start planning the day of your dreams.


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