3 Things You’ll Need to Consider When Eloping

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If you’ve ever dreamt about a destination wedding but know that your family just simply couldn’t afford that, then an elopement is the next best option! Elopements are growing in popularity over the last few years thanks to the shift of couples knowing that they don’t need to spend thousands on having a memorable wedding. It just shows that all you truly need are the more simple things in life. Plus, elopements give couples the chance to have incredibly beautiful photos with the prettiest landscapes! If you’re dreaming of having an intimate little elopement with your loved one, then this mini-guide will help you out!

3 Things You’ll Need to Consider When Eloping


3 Things You'll Need to Consider When Eloping - weddingsabroad.com
Photo by Wedding Dreamz on Unsplash

What are you wanting from your elopement?

It’s best to just keep in mind that an elopement is not the same as a destination wedding. Elopements tend to be on a much smaller scale where it may be the couple getting married, the person marrying them, a photographer, and maybe no more than two witnesses. Sometimes there may be a small party or meal afterward, but that’s about it. These can be very cost-efficient if that’s something that you’re looking for.

But it’s best to get it clear that an elopement and a destination wedding are not the same. However, when it comes to both of these it’s best to find an attorney who can represent you. Why? Well even if the wedding is far away, you’re still going to need to deal with all the bureaucracy that comes with it.


3 Things You'll Need to Consider When Eloping
Photo by Tatiana Gonzales on Unsplash

Look into your marriage license

Whether you’re planning to have a traditional wedding or an elopement, one of the things you can ask your wedding planner (if you hire one) is how to get a marriage license. Each country and even province depending on where you live is going to have different methods on how you’re going to be able to obtain a marriage license. So it’s best to plan this out far in advance.

Usually, witnesses will need to be present during the marriage licenses part, so you may even need to look into bringing one to two people that can act as your witness. However, some government buildings such as city hall will have someone on standby (such as one of their staff members) that can act as a witness for you. In general, don’t neglect to research this as it’s vital.

Choose a location

One of the best parts of an elopement is the vacation! So where would you like for your little ceremony to take place? The possibilities can be endless if you think about it. You could travel to a different country and so to some awe-inspiring landscape such as a mountain but even something more local such as a national park would be great as well. You’re usually not too limited on options when it comes to an elopement.

However, if photos are going to be taken with a photographer, there is a chance that the photographer may need a special license to photograph in certain areas. This is something else that’s best to research. 


3 Things You'll Need to Consider When Eloping - weddingsabroad.com
Photo by Jude Al-Safadi on Unsplash

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