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Are You Feeling Left Out Of Your Own Wedding?

  The wedding plans are usually left up to the bride. She might ask you a question, but the answers there already. You nod along and makes the right noises, knowing that you haven’t got much choice in the matter. People tend to think that this is what the groom wants, and a lot of the time they’re right. We haven’t got a clue about flower arrangements and table decorations. But it’s your day as well and you probably want a bit of a say in how things go. The key is to pick your battles. Realistically, you aren’t going …

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Real Weddings Abroad – An Orthodox Bride in Venice

  One by one the 120 candles are being lit and the 160 guests make their way in. The noise of the chatting turns into silence and the sudden quietness is a loud empty moment made of unspeakable wonder. Guests are mesmerised by the beauty of the settings: the long white candles, white as the hydrangeas that laid inside gold cups, against gold table settings, give a sense of beauty and elegance that transcends any spoken attempt of describing that what is before the guests’ eyes. Some take pictures,some take pictures of those taking pictures and it’s like a flash …

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The best long haul wedding destinations for foodies

If you’re planning your overseas wedding destination, you’ll have learned that there are so many aspects to bear in mind. Price, location, views are all important -but what about food? We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying the cuisine of other cultures in the UK, so to experience it first hand in the actual country of origin is definitely a major attraction. Travel experts at Destination2.co.uk have helped us list the top five long haul locations for foodies to tie the knot. St Lucia It was difficult to choose exactly where in the Caribbean did the best food, …

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