The best long haul wedding destinations for foodies
If you’re planning your overseas wedding destination, you’ll have learned that there are so many aspects to bear in mind. Price, location, views are all important -but what about food? We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying the cuisine of other cultures in the UK, so to experience it first hand in the actual country of origin is definitely a major attraction. Travel experts at have helped us list the top five long haul locations for foodies to tie the knot. St Lucia It was difficult to choose exactly where in the Caribbean did the best food,Read More
Our pick of the best short-haul rustic wedding destinations
What defines a rustic wedding? To us, rustic weddings are dreamlike, free-spirited, laidback and as natural as possible. Discarding the usual British wedding traditions, a rustic wedding is a bespoke gathering with the focus on the couple and a celebration of love. Wondering where the best setting for this style of wedding is? With the help of the travel experts at we have come up with the top five best short haul locations for the loveliest of rustic weddings. Ibiza Amid the palm trees and the white craggy rocks, the White Isle is the perfect place to get marriedRead More
Do You Know How To Find The Perfect Wedding Venue?
When it comes to a wedding, there’s one thing that tends to loom large in most people’s minds above all else: the venue. After all, if you’re going to get married, then you need somewhere actually to do it. If you’re going for a traditional church wedding, then the venue for the ceremony is going to be pretty obvious, but the reception is likely to be a little more complicated. Similarly, if you’re not getting married in a church, then you’ll need to find the perfect place to have both the ceremony and the reception. With all of these choices,Read More
What Comes First After Saying 'Yes
The question has been asked. The answer has been received. There’s been lots of lovey-dovey celebrating and the engagement ring is getting shown off all over the place. After the euphoria of the moment wears off, that’s when you start hearing the ticking in your head. If you want to get married soon, you need to get the ball rolling. But where exactly do you start? Here, we’re going to look at what comes first if you want your wedding planning to be anything less than a complete hassle.     Get money-smart This is going to play the biggestRead More
Steve Howey Karen Fletcher Mauritius 2017
  So we decided to get married!  After a long engagement and busy life commitments we decided that 2017 was the year when we would take the plunge and tie the proverbial knot. We knew that a big church wedding or even large civil ceremony at home in good old England wasn’t for us. We wanted to keep it small and personal and combine our special day with a special honeymoon and a family holiday and so we (and by this I mean me!) started trawling the net for locations and hotels which would offer us what we needed. AfterRead More
Tips For Getting Married In The UK - When You’re Coming From Abroad -
  Tips For Getting Married In The UK – When You’re Coming From Abroad Marriages can be a difficult and stressful time however, it can be even worse when you’re getting married abroad. However, there are many positives to take away from a holiday abroad, which include a holiday away and an opportunity to travel. For those who are looking to get married abroad, there some tips to consider, especially as it can require more than just booking the venue, food and entertainment. Below we’ve listed some tips just for you.     Insurance Wedding insurance may seem like theRead More
Make your luggage as unique as you are…   A wedding abroad should be romantic, fun and just as unique as you, now it can be with your very own personalised suitcase to help get your wedding off to a flying start before your feet even leave the ground.     A case for every traveller Whether you’re going away to get married, on business, on holiday or honeymoon there’s a range of sizes to suit every traveller, even one for the kids.     360 degree manoeuvrability The cases are fitted with four 360 degree wheels to allow the case to glideRead More
City Breaks Romantic Weekend - top lesser known romantic city breaks -
Top Lesser Known City Breaks For a Romantic Weekend     The UK is spoilt for choice when it comes to romantic city breaks. On our doorstep is a choice of over fifty countries that are all within a three and a half hour flight. With affordable air travel, take advantage of a tremendous value holiday in some of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are so many ways you can spoil your other half! With the help of Nicky Cox, resident travel expert at, we’ve compiled a list of the top lesser known romantic city breaksRead More
New survey, carried out on behalf of, the long-haul luxury holiday provider, reveals who British holidaymakers most like to travel with. Fortunately, the figures pull up some favourable results for all romantic souls. According to the research, more than half of us choose our partner as the best person to travel with.     And before taking our partners on a holiday we do make sure we’ve planned the best trip ever. According to the poll, we take our research seriously as a nation, with 77 per cent of those taking part in the survey confirming that they lookRead More
10 Travel Tips - Flights - Travel Advice - Weddings Abroad -
10 Travel Tips That Will Change The Way You Book Your Flights       Booking a flight, be it for a holiday, business trip, wedding abroad or honeymoon although exciting, can also be a chore. Why?  Because of uncertainty – you can never be 100% certain that the ticket you’ve bought was any cheaper than the passenger sitting next to you on the flight. You’re right to feel that way. The truth is that the fare you paid can vary vastly depending on when and how you booked it.   Fortunately, we are sharing our 10 proven flight booking tips that the airlines won’tRead More

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