Top 10 Travel Tips - Our Expert Tried & Tested Travel Tips Weddings Abroad
Top 10 Travel Tips – Our Expert Tried & Tested Travel Tips     Download travel apps We now live in a generation where we can book taxis, hotels and flights at our fingertips. Having travel apps ready on your phone or tablet will make trip planning that bit easier. Download your favourites so you can view and book Hotels, Flights, Cars, and Activities whilst on the go.  There’s even surprisingly helpful apps for those who want up-to-date info about the airport they will be flying out of. With just a tap of your finger, you can see if there are anyRead More
Tying the Knot Abroad - Everything you need to know -
  Most of us think we have a fairly good idea of what we want our wedding to be like. We’ve been planning it since we were little, after all. That is, at least, until someone proposes and it comes to actually planning all of your hopes and wishes. Suddenly everything is thrown into disarray. You’re unsure of what you want. You find it hard to make decisions about near enough anything. Where do you want the big day to be held? Who should be invited? What kind of dress would you like? Do you even like traditional wedding cakes?Read More
There is no such thing as the perfect way to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. Nor should you be quite as fixated on finding it. When you pop the question to the lady in your life, what matters more than anything is that you’ve popped it. You can craft your special context around it, but rather than being worried about meeting some insane standard set by no-one in particular, you should ask yourself the big questions and look to yourself for the answers. Here are the big questions that you’re going to want to ask yourself before youRead More
Four-Week Countdown Wedding Planning
Getting married takes a whole lot of organizing. Many couples find it very difficult to stay on top of everything as they aren’t in the destination country so can’t easily check in with the venue, caterers, and photographer. But that doesn’t mean that planning a wedding abroad is completely impossible. To help you stay one step ahead of all your organization, here is our four-week countdown. If you manage to stick to this, you will find that everything goes swimmingly!     Four Weeks To Go Most couples find that hiring some wedding planners is a really big help whenRead More
epic wedding greece
  5 Simple steps for an Epic Wedding in Greece So, you’ve decided to get married in Greece! Marryposa Royal Events is here to provide you with all the special small tips you need, in order to have the most Epic Wedding outside your home town .   Be Sure For Every Detail Getting married abroad can be a difficult task to organize. You have to search deep about every detail and you have to think of every single matter that you may face. So first things you have to look for are:   Choose the Location Your first stepRead More
Wedding Photographer Tips
    Introduction Wedding photography planning has evolved over the years, with the drastic change in camera technology as well as new trends in lighting and framing. Themes rule the ceremonies as every couple wants their wedding to be memorable in more ways than one. Couples also prefer efficient and creative wedding photography in the UK, including pre-wedding photo shoots and stills. Here are some tips for being a famous professional wedding photographer in the UK   Tip 1: Opt for natural light and glow during golden hours Check out the location and light with respect to time of theRead More
Are You Feeling Left Out Of Your Own Wedding?
  The wedding plans are usually left up to the bride. She might ask you a question, but the answers there already. You nod along and makes the right noises, knowing that you haven’t got much choice in the matter. People tend to think that this is what the groom wants, and a lot of the time they’re right. We haven’t got a clue about flower arrangements and table decorations. But it’s your day as well and you probably want a bit of a say in how things go. The key is to pick your battles. Realistically, you aren’t goingRead More
Orthodox Bride Wedding Abroad in Venice Italy
  One by one the 120 candles are being lit and the 160 guests make their way in. The noise of the chatting turns into silence and the sudden quietness is a loud empty moment made of unspeakable wonder. Guests are mesmerised by the beauty of the settings: the long white candles, white as the hydrangeas that laid inside gold cups, against gold table settings, give a sense of beauty and elegance that transcends any spoken attempt of describing that what is before the guests’ eyes. Some take pictures,some take pictures of those taking pictures and it’s like a flashRead More
The best long haul wedding destinations for foodies
If you’re planning your overseas wedding destination, you’ll have learned that there are so many aspects to bear in mind. Price, location, views are all important -but what about food? We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying the cuisine of other cultures in the UK, so to experience it first hand in the actual country of origin is definitely a major attraction. Travel experts at have helped us list the top five long haul locations for foodies to tie the knot. St Lucia It was difficult to choose exactly where in the Caribbean did the best food,Read More
Our pick of the best short-haul rustic wedding destinations
What defines a rustic wedding? To us, rustic weddings are dreamlike, free-spirited, laidback and as natural as possible. Discarding the usual British wedding traditions, a rustic wedding is a bespoke gathering with the focus on the couple and a celebration of love. Wondering where the best setting for this style of wedding is? With the help of the travel experts at we have come up with the top five best short haul locations for the loveliest of rustic weddings. Ibiza Amid the palm trees and the white craggy rocks, the White Isle is the perfect place to get marriedRead More

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